Tuesday, March 30, 2010


As I mentioned before, we recently moved into a new home. Thankfully, the place came with all the kitchen appliances. Is it just me or when you use appliances different than the ones you are accustomed to, do you feel a bit thrown off? Then do you feel silly for being thrown off? I find myself staring at the buttons and dials on the microwave, stove, and dishwasher and muttering under my breath as I process all the functions:

"...cook time, power level, plus 30 seconds..."

"What did you say?"

"Oh nothing. Just trying to warm up my soup."

Additionally, as the appliances and I live in this house together the personality of our microwave has emerged, as personalities tend to do among cohabitants. When it finishes warming up the leftovers it proclaims it is "Good."

I find this presumptuous.

I guess I could take this as a compliment, but sometimes the reheated food is not good, and I don't like being led astray. Whose idea was this?

As a side note when I first took a picture of the microwave, water spots showed up in the photo; spots that had previously gone unnoticed. I ended up wiping the microwave down, again, and buffing it dry so as not to gross you out, gentle reader. Not only is our microwave proving to be presumptuous, but it's high maintenance as well.

Taking liberties and creating more work. I think this is the beginning of a contentious relationship.


  1. You're a hoot!! Just what I needed...a good laugh!

  2. "I find this presumptuous." - hilarious

    also, presumptuous aaaand high maintenance, what kind of relationship have you gotten yourself into?

  3. Chris. I know. I feel too invested to break up at this point.