Monday, March 29, 2010

New Beginnings

Spring has sprung in these parts and newness seems to be all around.

New home.
New yard.
(Relatively) new baby.
New blog.

New crocuses.

I've never lived in a house lucky enough to possess crocuses in spring. I was surprised to see them pop up a few days ago and found myself wondering how long they've been there. The house we moved into 19 days ago was abandoned and left for dead at one point. Rotting walls and boarded-up windows made it evident that no one lived here or cared for the place. And yet, with all the unfriendliness of the house, the crocuses pushed up every spring and kept on living.

I've been daydreaming about the person who planted them. A housewife a few decades ago? Why did she choose to plant them in that place in the yard? Their bed is a little random--out in the middle of nowhere. It makes me wonder if there used to be a building in the side yard. A barn? A potting shed? I like to think she planted the crocuses in a place so that they would greet her when she went about her daily chores. A little bit of beauty in the midst of the mundane.

Now the house is (basically) brand-spanking new and friendly again. The yard-apart from the sprinkling of crocuses here and there-leaves a lot to be desired. There are bare spots in the grass where the leaves were never raked up in autumn and the wet, decomposing piles choked out the grass.

There are impossibly-hard-to-pick-up little pieces of trash tucked into the earth and barely alive grass everywhere you look.

There's glass. Lots and lots of glass. Little slivers and shards scattered everywhere. I'm sure the crocus-planting housewife was not involved in this atrocity.

But there's hope. New hope this season. And crocuses. I guess we'll pick up where the little old housewife left off and redeem the land; even if it takes us a decade. Stay tuned...


  1. hey!
    I forgot you guys moved! How is your new house? I bet you have it looking so beautiful! Hope to see you guys soon next time you are around here!

  2. Yay!! Monica's Blog!! I LOVE IT!! Thank you for taking the time to write. I am so thrilled you are in a new place and look forward to hearing more about it! May your Blog be blessed!

  3. The house is perfect for you and you are perfect for the house...a perfect fit. Thanks for the blog, We look forward to reading it.

  4. You are awesome. I look forward to reading this blog.

  5. Can't wait to keep reading! Maureen&Lucretia