Monday, April 5, 2010

An Announcement

Some of you may know that for the past five (long) years I've been writing a book for my former pastor Guy Pfanz. The process has been full of bumps and false starts, confusion, frustration, but just enough joy and interest and purpose to keep pushing forward. There were lots of revisions, moments when we thought the project would implode and float away like dust. Then just in the nick of time new hope would blossom. We would feel energized and excited once again only to watch the project come to a screeching halt (we learned the publishing house was on the brink of insolvency). I'd send out more book proposals and wait and wait and wait to hear back from editors, wondering if maybe larger forces were at work and perhaps this book shouldn't be printed? Even an editor we met along the way once told us that in all his years of publishing experience, he had never seen a book encounter so many odd obstacles.

There were days when I wanted to tear my hair out and throw things but even on the brink of giving up I knew in my gut the message was important enough to persevere. I couldn't turn around and walk away. I knew that there would be at least one person out there who would be encouraged by our words or challenged to think differently about the church they attend. Thatwould be enough for me. That would make it all worth it.

So whoever that one person is, I've got something to tell you:

The books have been printed.

Even better, they've been shipped.

And believe it or not they're set to arrive at our former church today. Read it for yourself:

"This Shipment Is In Route To MUNCIE, IN
And Is Currently Estimated To Be Delivered 04/05/10 As Stop # 9"

After stop #9 the process could be finished. Done. Finito. We'll actually have a book in our hot little hands.

A little part of me wouldn't be surprised if I get a call this afternoon informing me that the semi-truck flipped over, ignited and everything inside was torched a mile away from Muncie Alliance Church and only the driver lived to tell us about it.

Stay tuned...


  1. What a long road! Congrats, Monica!


  3. This is awesome news! I hope the truck driver will be ok...

  4. I just checked the tracking:
    4/5/2010 11:18:00 AM Delivered
    4/5/2010 9:37:43 AM Out for delivery in MUNCIE, IN

  5. ok just seeing this and about DIED when i read it. i had no idea he was your former pastor and crazy that you've been WRITING A BOOK THAT IS NOW PUBLISHED! first, CONGRATS!!!!! what a long road! as tough as it was, its encouraging to see the Lord bring victory for a message he certainly must want heard. ben (my hubby) attended guy's coffee school a couple of years ago and have become friends with him (from a distance as much as you can)...they keep in touch as we're seeking to one day hold this church plant we're doing in a coffeehouse/cafe all through the week..what's the book called? ben said he knows guy said he had been working on a book, take it you were the ghost writer?! so amazing :) congrats again!

  6. Angela! This is crazy!! Who knew you knew Guy? I did "ghost" it for him. It's entitled, "Stacking the Deck". It's available on Amazon right now for pre-order but it should be cheaper after the release date. On the 24th we're having a release party at the new Vecinos in Muncie (but you guys are out of town...) Anyway, thanks so much for the well-wishes! I hope you guys are encouraged by it!

  7. that is so crazy! i didn't realize you were a writer, that's so amazing!!! i'll have to let ben know the title, know he'd be interested in reading it for sure!!!