Thursday, April 22, 2010

Genius Baby

At one point every mother thinks her child is a genius. Right?

There were two instances about three days ago that made me think Eme's brain is advanced beyond her years (er, months).

Every so often Miss Em The Cranky-Pants comes to visit in the afternoon. The loyal reader of this blog knows that music has a calming effect on her, so when the fussies move in I grab the remote and play the music CD her Aunt Kelly mixed for her.  She stops complaining or crying, listens, and looks at the entertainment center--the source of the music even though there is nothing to see. I've been doing this for a few weeks now, enough to have learned the majority of the songs by heart.

One song is sung from the perspective of a parent bemoaning the presence of bubbles in his daughters tummy. I have searched high and low on the tri-dubs for the singer and name of this song to no avail. Can you help me out Kelly? The chorus goes like this:

You've got to burp, burp, shake and wiggle!
Don't spit up,
Don't spit up!

The verses are clever and the music is pretty catchy. I really don't mind listening to it. We'll see how I feel in a few more months.

Now we're getting to the genius part. I sing to Eme all the time. She looks at me and smiles or giggles, or arches her back and keens and I'm smart enough to pick up on the fact that while singing is enjoyable she doesn't want to sing at this moment. The other day after finishing lunch I sat her up to burp. I started singing the "burp, burp, shake and wiggle" song, which I had never sung to her before, but instead of looking at me she looked at the entertainment center from which the song normally blares. When I started signing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider," a song that is not on the CD, she looked at me.



Later that day, she happily jumped in her activity center while I worked in the kitchen and Shawn did something important in the dining room. We chatted while we worked and every so often I'd include Eme in the conversation by asking her a question. I can't remember exactly what I asked, but it ended with, "...happy?"

And as clear as day, while attempting to eat her elephant she said, "Ap-pee!"

Shawn is my witness.

We both stopped, looked at each other and asked with our befuddled faces Did she just say what I think she said? And laughed.

Okay, so this second instance might just be a crazy coincidence of a babbling child. We've tried to get her to say happy since then and she refuses.

But maybe she's playing us. She flashes a mischievous grin every now and then. Remember the Easter photo?
There's something about that crooked smile that makes me think her genius brain is cooking up something to get Mom and Dad.

Who knows? But one this is for certain, I am now one of those mothers who thinks her child is a genius. I'm proud to join the ranks.


  1. The Chicken Wiggle song is from an album called "Slugs & Bugs & Lullabies" by Andrew Peterson. It's a great album, and I think several of the songs on your CD are from it.

  2. My guess...along with being a genius, ranked right after my grandchildren, she is out to "get" you. So beware and keep your guard up. Those eyes sure do have a glimmer in them...