Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Six Month Old Baby

Emeline Claire is six months old today. This means she is closer to being a toddler than a baby.

This cannot be true.

But here are the pictures convincing me of the facts whether or not I can believe them.

three days old

one month old

two months old

three months old

four months old
(Daddy's dressing her in tights, bloomers, and a skirt!!)

five months old

My sweet, sweet, Emeline Claire. You make my world a better place with your bright eyes, your easy smile, your adorable giggle ("n-gee!"), and your excitable, kicky legs. You still have a lot to learn in the sleeping department, but even when I grumble and fumble in the early morning light my frustrations magically lift when I pass through your nursery door and I see you lying there in your crib, smiling and kicking before I even come into view.

All the books tell me I'm not supposed to cuddle and rock you to sleep for your naps, but sometimes I tune them out and do it anyway. All those experts haven't met you nor have they felt you nestle your little head in the crook of their necks. I'll have to introduce you sometime--I bet they'd rethink their academic positions.

My little E. Claire, the reason I hold you and cuddle you and sing to you and read to you and play with you and generally savor every moment with you is because if the past six months are any indication of the next six months, or the next six years, or the next sixty, God willing, one day it will feel as though they passed with a blink of an eye.

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  1. Cuddling and rocking to sleep is a good thing...they feel the security and the warmth of your love. Savor every moment of it, while you can. You kids turned out, and that is what we did with you.