Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Russell Sprout and His Onesie

Here's a super simple way to design your own onesie using freezer paper! It's ingenious. My sister sent me a link awhile ago explaining the process and I've been dying to to try it ever since. You can check out the original link here.

First, grab freezer paper, a onesie, an iron and ironing board, an exact-o knife, a self-healing mat, and fabric paint.

Draw your design on the non-waxy side of the freezer paper, or print out some designs or text from your computer. I am no artist, so I downloaded a free font and typed out my design. I cut the freezer paper into 8.5x11 sheets and printed my design on our printer. (If you are hesitant to send freezer paper through your printer, print out your design on regular paper and then trace it onto the freezer paper.)

I wish I had some pictures of this part of the process, but I wasn't on the ball this time.

Take your exact-o knife and carefully cut out your design. You will be creating a stencil with your freezer paper, so be careful to keep crisp edges that are intact. Be sure to save the inner pieces of letters like R and P--you'll need those too.

Now here is the crazy part. Place your freezer paper stencil onto your onesie and iron it into place. The freezer paper has just enough adhesion to stick to the onesie and seal off the parts you do not want painted, but isn't strong enough to stick permanently or leave sticky goo behind!

Now it's time to paint.

(Notice I kept the little pieces from inside the Rs, Ps and 0s. I ironed on the big stencil, then carefully placed the tiny pieces in their correct places and ironed those on secondly. Now you can paint!)

I ripped off the freezer paper stencil before the paint was even dry. It's hard to wait.
But I kept the tiny pieces on until the paint dried. Smart move. I really had to pick at those pieces before they came off. But even with all my picking, the paint looked great:
This onesie was a gift for the Russells whose baby is due in three weeks! I think he's going to look pretty cute in his sporty onesie!

As the link above mentioned, using this technique the possibilities are endless! You can design t-shirts, aprons, tote bags, fabric journals--anything that you can iron and that will adhere to freezer paper. I kind of want to copy this idea from Pottery Barn:
Number Pillow Covers

And check out my sister's design! She made this t-shirt for our cutie-pie nephew Joel! Hi, Joel! She went super fancy with text and an image and different colors. 
He's a Cheerio Monster!

You can do a simple design like I did and start AND finish it during your kids' nap time or go super fancy with multiple colors and lots of text or intricate images.

Either way, you can do it!

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