Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yard Secrets-REVEALED!!

This is a follow-up from yesterday's post about all the spring wild flowers my Mom and I found in our yard over Easter weekend.

Today's post centers on the summer plants that are beginning to sprout and the much-anticipated unveiling of the mystery plant. I know all two of you are slightly excited about this.

Like I mentioned before, my Mom is a whiz when it comes to plants and flowers. If I've incorrectly labeled any of the photos below it's most likely because I was not a careful student.

If I remember correctly the lighter green leaves you see in the foreground and back ground will be those bright orange day lilies you see on the side of the road when you drive around in the country.
Wild and free.

And look! Some wild strawberries!

The plant below is most likely wild honeysuckle. I am very excited about this. Have you guys ever sat near a honeysuckle bush on a warm summer evening? Its sweet scent permeates the air--not too heavy, not too strong. It's really wonderful. (Unless you are my Aunt Dolores who has horrendous allergies. This experience would be excruciating for you.)

This is a bush. This bush is just beginning to have pink blooms.
Alas, I forget the name of this bush.

We also inherited an orange trumpet vine residing near the bend in our driveway. I don't prefer the color orange, but I think trumpet vines attract hummingbirds. In my opinion, hummingbirds make red-orange trumpet vines worthwhile. (The vine was small and difficult to see in my photo so I didn't bother to upload it.)

This next plant is also difficult to see, but it strikes me as funny so I had to include it. Most likely these are wild chives or GARLIC! I noticed some chives down the street with pale lavender buds already so unless the ones in our yard are of a different variety, we might be the proud owners of some wild garlic. To harvest or not to harvest? That is the question.

And the mystery plants
are Naked Ladies.

And all the middle school students snickered.

Yep. We have at least five Naked Ladies taking up residence in our yard.

Not only do these Naked Ladies elicit raised eye-brows when you talk about them in public, but also they are sneaky. Their leaves push up in spring (hoodwinking my two faithful readers who ventured a guess--thank you readers!) but die off in midsummer before they even begin to bloom. Here's what they look like in bloom:
Picture of Surprise Lillies (or Magic Lilies, or Naked Ladies) with tall stems and light pink flowers clustered at top of stems.
(Photo courtesy of: University of Arkansas Department of Agriculture)

Quite frankly, flowers atop 2 foot stalks that jut out of the ground without their leaves disturb me. Through a little research I learned this plant will grow anywhere without any fuss--sometimes in rocky, drought-like conditions. Great. These ladies are going to be around for awhile. I guess they fit in to our scrappy yard, but I'm going to have to nestle them in with some other plants. You know, cover up their nakedness.

We wouldn't want the neighbors to talk.


  1. mostly i want to know who the other one is... :)
    i LOVE trumpet vines. i can't believe how rotten they look in winter and how great in the summer.
    lastly, harvest!

  2. you are so so funny! I want you to take me on a tour o the inside of your house! I love your style and how you decorate!

  3. Anne of philip+anne: oh happy surprise--you make three of those who waited with bated breath for the identity of the mystery plant! I hereby dub you, Cliff, and Nicola, "My Faithful Horticulture Triumvirate!"

    Ashley: Thanks lady! Okay. I will include some pictures of the inside of our house sometime relatively soon. Didn't you guys move?

  4. This nestling... will it happen before my lawnmower emerges from the garage? Despite my best intentions, things sometimes happen, you know.

  5. Love the trumpet vines, but they, along with the honeysuckle can take over if you are not Maybe Rog can teach you how to get the nectar out of the honeysuckle. Yum?
    And Kami did guess they were naked ladies, she has some too. They were always covered by the peonies that grew around
    O! You need to get some starts of peonies from grandma!
    I have some prickly pear cactus if you would like some starts. They have beautiful yellow flowers.
    Ok, me and my not so green thumb will move along to something else....

  6. Naked ladies? Wha? I guess I'll stop doling out horticultural advice....

  7. Aunt D:Should I be scared about Uncle R and the nectar? And I would LOVE some peonies from Grandma. I think the naked ladies would look lovely amongst them.

    Nicola: but thanks for the guess!

  8. AAAAaaah!! Naked Ladies are sooo pretty! I broke the news to Cliff and he took it pretty well. ;) My Grandma had naked ladies all along her front porch! They are "home" to me.