Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yard Wanderings/Wonderings

My whole "redeeming the yard" plan will begin slowly because this first year I plan to simply observe. I need to pay attention to where there is full sun, partial sun, and shade, not just now, but in the coming months so that we can plant items that will grow naturally and well without a lot of help on our part. A relatively low-maintenance yard is the ultimate plan. I want to take note of which plants, trees, bushes we already have and to work around them or move them, in the case of the plants (I'm not ambitious enough to move trees).

The crocuses are now on their way out. While Miss Em took her morning nap, I went out and snapped some pictures of anything else I could find. In all honesty I'm not entirely sure what we have so far. Maybe you could help.

Tulips? I know they won't be daffodils, my other guess, because the house down the street has bunches of lovely daffodils blooming right now. Looks like this bunch just barely survived the placement of the new cement steps. Way to go mystery plant!

More tulips? Again, in a totally random place--a few feet from the mystery plant above. Now I'm wondering if the previous owners/renovators were pushing dirt around at the front of the house and these poor little dears were uprooted and just happened to land right side up, beneath the soil enough to push up this spring. I'm sure it all came as quite a shock. I wonder if they'll have the strength to bloom?

Can you tell I like theories? I'm always inventing a back story.

And I like personification: attributing personal qualities to things and abstractions (in case your middle school literature terms have gotten a bit rusty). I've determined the personality of our yard is scrappy. Scrappy in every sense of the word--full of fragments and feisty!

Back to the photos.

I know what this is. Boo! Hiss! (Notice the trash as well...sigh.)

Are these weeds or dainty springtime flowers?

Again, weed or spring flower? (The keen observer will notice an orange-colored bit of spongy material beneath the right-most bloom. Maybe you thought it was a rock. I don't want to lead you astray.)

I better go call Grandpa Moser--he'll know all the answers to my questions.


  1. your yard is so fun! I'm excited to hear about all that you learn in your observation process. Will you keep a garden journal!?!

  2. cliff votes for daffodils. He attributes the staggered blooming times to different varieties. He's betting yours are King Alfred Daffodils! :)

  3. Whoa, Cliff! Laying it on the line with a specific variety!

  4. BR: I have a feeling this blog will end up as a sort of garden journal! :)
    And Cliff: there is another vote for's getting interesting!

  5. Regarding personification and middle school literature terms: By living with my wife (middle school English teacher) and asking her questions, I have relearned and implemented all that I was supposed to know from my middle school years. You wouldn't believe how my writing has improved. I've even begun talking (in addition to writing) in such a way that my sentences never end in a preposition. Commas still give me trouble though.

    Regarding this blog: it is awesome. You are a talented writer.

  6. Andrew: I need to keep Kelly on retainer! I know I need to brush up!