Tuesday, May 4, 2010

HooCoo Farms

I come from a long line of vegetable gardeners and canners. This winter I thought I might as well accept my destiny and consider tending a plot of my own. But the "my" part of that statement didn't feel right. I had no idea where to start.

Last year an awesome couple in our small group from church planted a garden. A huge garden. A garden that made my eyes pop when I saw it. It was larger than anything my Mom, Grandpa and Grandma M., or Grandma W. ever had, combined. This lady is serious.

Long story short, this winter I tentatively asked if I could pitch in and assist and she said she had been praying for help and so a happy garden partnership commenced. Thankfully they only live a few blocks away. (Actually, they aren't our neighbors by coincidence. They were one of the reasons we decided to buy our current house!)

Allow me to introduce you to the cast of characters of HooCoo Farms:
(These titles were a group effort.)

Madam President of HooCoo Farms
(shown here holding Ultimate Gardening Distraction)

Chief Tilling Officer
Director of Shoveling Affairs

Viceroy of Walkways and Boundaries
Governs with stakes and twine
Also known as:  
Viceroy of Electrical Orientation and Foreign Object Removal 
Includes but is not limited to: 
bricks, weeds, rock, children when fussy, glass, trespassers and unidentified electrical rods

And this is me:
Officer of Various and Sundry Details

I looked a little...uh...puffy in my picture and as President of this blog I made the executive decision not to include it. Instead, Garden Troll is standing in for me. He's supposed to keep the weeds at bay, but as you can see (to your right, his left) he's not doing a very good job. I pointed this out to MP.  As you can see below, she and Ultimate Garden Distraction were not happy with his sub-par performance.

They discussed amongst themselves and MP swiftly issued Garden Troll his first warning. She rules with an iron fist when it comes to weeds.

Let's move on to other happier, various and sundry details:

Here is the first section of HooCoo filled with onions and potatoes. And by "filled" I mean 200 onions. That's right. My pinky finger didn't slip. 



There's a slight chance we overcompensated. It's a safe bet we'll have enough onions for salsa and pasta sauce and a few left over to store and dice and chop and...

This next section will be for our tomato plants. We still needed space for zucchini and so we plan to extend this whole section out to the left approximately three feet. Hopefully by next weekend (will it ever stop raining?), baby zucchinis will be planted where the Viceroy and Chief Tilling Officer are standing.

This is the last section of HooCoo. In the foreground (were you can see only soil) we have some beets. In the middle part, this coming weekend we plan to cultivate and plant green peppers, hot peppers, a purple pepper that tastes like a green pepper, butternut squash, beans, and tomatillos. (As officer of Various and Sundry Details, I will go into detail about each of these plants at a later date.) Finally, at the very back, we're trying the three sisters technique with corn, beans, and squash. More on that later. Just whetting your appetite for now.

HooCoo keeps going and going and going, doesn't it? It's 25 feet by 65 feet. That's 1625 square feet folks. One thousand, six hundred, and twenty five feet; a gardening extravaganza.

Aren't you getting a little nervous for me? 

I'm nervous.

But Emeline seems to like her new perch, so we're going for it!


  1. The square footage of your garden is larger than our house. "If I am going to garden, I am going to have the biggest garden, so help me God." HA!

  2. Nice! The acronym for MP (madam president) works really well with the double meaning of MP (military police) in the instance when she was issuing a swift warning a ruling with an iron fist! I wish you all well and expect a good sampling when we visit in early august!

  3. I'll keep you all posted--if we survive it! :)

  4. I'm not nervous - it's going to be AWESOME!