Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hotel California

Nearly two weeks ago our family of three flew to California while the bread winner won his bread. I'm always excited to tag along, but once our seats were saved a little ball of nerves settled in the pit of my stomach and steadily grew over the next few hours. I've never flown with a child before, but I've noticed the other frazzled parents who fly with their (screaming) children. Our seven month old has never flown before and she had a cold; what if it settled into her ears? Descending from 35,000 feet wouldn't be comfortable. There would be a three hour plane ride, a layover, and a two hour plane ride. Both ways. I didn't want to be those people with that child. Plus there was the three-hour time difference. Would Emeline wake up at 3am PST and be ready for bed at 5pm PST just as all our friends wanted to meet her and head out to dinner?

Worrying is such a waste of time. I think Shawn and I have been graciously given an angel in disguise. She fell asleep during takeoff, woke up happy, wasn't cranky when her meals were unavoidably delayed, took an extra nap on our travel day and woke up on her Indiana "schedule" on California time. How did that happen?

She isn't at the age yet where hotel rooms and pools are the best thing ever, but she had an okay time catching up on her blogs with Daddy

and finishing up some reading from the plane ride
all while battling her cold (notice the snotty gleam under the nostrils).
And that gleam turned out to be the biggest downer of the week. Her father and I became intimately acquainted with the effects of the germs residing in her nasal passages since we were all sharing the same hotel room. We heard every little gurgle, big nasty phlegmy cough, and the frustrated nose breaths as she searched for and found her pacifier.

Sharing a room with her again took a bit of an adjustment (which surprised me since I teared up the first night she slept in her own room). We placed her crib behind the hotel sofa so we were out of sight while she was in there (and it looked like it was from a 1950s hospital!). This worked well but it was weird to have my freedom revoked every time she needed to sleep when typically the opposite is true. While she napped, I quietly holed up in the hotel room and napped, read free newspapers, caught up on blogs, wrote a couple, and opened granola bar packages in the bathroom. I did enjoy relaxing instead of rushing around, crossing off items on my to do list like I do at home but then again, we were in Northern California.

I wanted to visit Glen Avenue, my Piedmont library, Mountain View Cemetery (I know that sounds macabre but it's a seriously gorgeous place with great views), browse the shops on College, but mostly eat lots of excellent food: GetA, Zachary's, Fenton's, Bake Sale Betty, In-N-Out Burger, Arezmendi's, Chez Panisse (or at least drive by), Bittersweet, Lo Coco's, Park Avenue Grill (Best burgers on the Ave!). Yes. My goal was to eat my way through the East Bay.

But most of that didn't happen on account of the sleepy one.

So lest you think we live a charmed life, jetting off to CA for work and leisure with angelic babe in tow, sometimes it's just quieting the rumbly in my tumbly by eating store-bought chips and queso in a hotel bathroom.

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