Friday, May 14, 2010

New Tricks

The past few days Emeline has been doing this weird thing with her lips. She curls her upper lip into her mouth and sticks out her bottom lip--like a pouty-lip. The total effect is pretty hilarious. I wish I had it on tape to show you. She looks like an old man who removed his dentures for the evening. Tonight Shawn was mimicking her and began smacking his lips. Then she started smacking her lips! Again, I wish I had this on tape..I think you would have gotten a kick out of both of them.

And now sitting, apparently, isn't cool enough for this wee one. Emeline can sit. Sure. Yeah. Whatever. She learned to sit one week and then about a week later she was over it. (Is this a foretaste of adolescence? Mom!! That's so yesterday!) What she really enjoys is forward motion. She has the patience to sit for about two minutes--tops--and that's if I'm sitting near her and distracting her with toys before she becomes bored. If I give her some space and watch, soon enough she does this lunging/rolling/flopping thing to get onto her belly (oh, so "Tummy Time" isn't so bad anymore??) and creep, scooch, or pivot on her belly (way to use the bare floors to your advantage!) to get to whatever she is going.

Today her heinie caught a little more air time, the above video is already dated. Now with a little more strength in those puny little arms, I think she'll be crawling soon enough.

Seriously. Babies grow up way too fast.

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  1. Way to go Eme! It happens fast, but it's so fun to watch. Everyone warned me that life would really change when they learn to crawl and walk, but I was SO ready for them to learn. Daniel especially, would get so MAD that he couldn't go anywhere.