Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oakland and Berkeley: Fun in the East Bay

That's it folks. That's the only picture I have of my adventures with Eme in California while Coder coded. Turns out it's pain to traipse through a city, find parking, carry your child, AND carry a camera. I didn't even take this photo. My good friend Lori snapped it with her phone. We were hanging out at the Berkeley all organic farmer's market where she bought me the most delicious strawberries for my birthday. They are the same strawberries Alice Waters buys for her famed restaurant Chez Panisse.  Ooh la la! Fancy Schmanzy. Look at me with my high-brow strawberries.

There were many other highlights, all centering around dear friends and great food:
  • Chocolate chai at Bittersweet with Ashika.
  • Sushi from GetA with Joy on my old stomping grounds Piedmont Avenue.
  •  Holly's Mandarin with Maureen and Lucretia who ooohed and ahhhed over Eme who egged them on with smiles and giggles.
  • A piece of chocolate rum cake from La Farine with Helen as I disrupted her work day at Oakland's Main Library.
  • and finally: IHOP with Beth where the company and conversation was SO MUCH better than the drinks and greasy smell that clung to my clothes.
I'm so thankful I'm still able to enjoy some face time with my friends from Oakland! Judging from their responses, I think they loved meeting Emeline as well. I had fun introducing her.

Next up, the Mendocino coast with the Coder and Eme!


  1. i was feeling sheepish about the lack of pictures from my trip as well.... oh well, its a different kind of vacation!

  2. and of course the one picture taken is a perfect shot of Eme, Her arm behind her head is so classy!

    P.S. Uber-jealous of the GetA

  3. Snapped a shot before she removed her hat.

    Ooooh, gotta get me some GetA!