Friday, June 18, 2010


A month and a day ago we were in Oakland, CA. This is Eme weary of hotel life, ready for some new scenery (with her best friend Sophie Le Giraffe. Sophie looks fatigued too; so exhausted she did a face plant onto the hotel blanket. Poor little dears.). Hang on ladies, we'll soon be off to Mendocino!
We packed up and made a detour over to San Mateo to visit Maker Faire with some of Coder's co-workers. Crazy enough, we saw a couple who lived (and still does) in the building we called home while in CA! It was unexpected and delightful to catch up with them. The Faire shows off a bunch of interesting stuff and people, but the highlight for me was meeting sweet little Adina--born about six weeks before our Emeline. She is a cutie-pie and a half. Which makes me a dork and a half since I don't have pictures of these two lovely ladies meeting each other for the first time. sigh.

We eventually bid our farewell and set off for a little R&R via the Golden Gate Bridge.
While we lived in Oakland, we visited the GG Bridge often enough that I felt sure I had seen enough of it for my lifetime. I was wrong. We could have taken a faster route without winding our way through San Francisco, but I couldn't do it. We were on vacation. And while you're on vacation, you should always take the scenic route.
Here you can see Alcatraz to the very left, the Bay Bridge, San Francisco, and Sausalito in the foreground.

Oh! And this, my friends, is an In-N-Out burger:
I miss them.

So excited to dig in to mine, I accidentally ate some of the paper wrapping--and didn't even notice until I was nearly finished.
After our much-needed sustenance we returned to the CA-1 headed north. This is just a taste of what awaits you as you wind and curve up the coast. Views much more amazing than this exist but I couldn't peel my eyes away to mess with a camera. You'll just have to take this trip yourself someday. You won't regret it!
Ocean to the west, hills to the east.
Eye-popping beauty.
The phrase, "And it was very good" kept running through my head.

Surprisingly, we met some wildlife along the way.

And California Quail--the state bird. Who knew? I thought they were East Coast birds. You know, kept to Connecticut with all their other hoighty-toighty New Haven friends. I guess a few are the crunchy-granola type.

Four hours after the Golden Gate Bridge, and a bit of a queasy stomach, we finally reached our modern cottage--home for the next two days.
We split the place with our dear friends, the Hartmans. We decided to make the weekend extra special and rent a place with an ocean view. I'm so glad we did!

Stay tuned for Day Two...

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  1. Wow! Looks like a great trip! Can I go along next time?