Tuesday, July 6, 2010

HooCoo Harvest:The Beginning

Up to this point, we've harvested an itsy-bitsy eggplant, one cherry tomato, three zucchinis, and one banana pepper (that I'm still not sure what to do with since I intended the peppers for salsa but the tomatoes still need some more time).

But today we had a good haul.

 Nearly three whole pounds of Bountiful and Empress Green Beans:

Aren't they beautiful? Kermit the Frog, what have you been complaining about anyway?

Emeline inspected and gnawed on one on our walk back home.

("Mom. It's just a green bean. Me and a green bean. You can put the camera away. Please.")

But these green beans made it feel real for me. They made me feel that maybe, just maybe, all this work has been worth it. All the hours spent planting and weeding and papering (more on that later) and watering (well, actually, 15 minutes), all the sweat, all the blood (okay, no blood, save the Bull's Blood Beets that are slooowlllly growing). Three pounds of green beans felt wonderful. And even better, there is hope for more.

I hope there is much, much more. I plan to can as many quarts as I can (while I can-can) for this winter. The first three pounds are otherwise engaged: One pound for the green bean, bacon, and cheese frittata I'm cooking for the ladies in my small group tomorrow night, one scant pound for dinner tonight (thoroughly enjoyed by us all), and one pound for baby food.

And about that baby food...

To date, Emeline hasn't cared much for the greeny-beanies. If I attempted to slip in too many spoonfuls without cutting it with rice cereal she'd sort of growl and tense up her entire body.

That was then.

Here's a video of her eating the fresh fruits of my (MP, VP, and the Vic's) labor. You be the judge:

Can that mouth open any wider?

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  1. Wow!!! She's really growing up! She looks older already! Good clapping too.