Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Drawer Latch Fail

Oh! What's going on in here?

What did you find? 
Thanks to the dud drawer latch! Look at it! Lamely sticking out there; a pointless piece of plastic. Pointless, that is, from the 'keeping baby out of drawers' point of view. Mathematically, let's view it as an object lesson. One little busy body has already solved Force = Mass x Acceleration.

You think that's funny?

Baby proof? Yeah right. Not in this house!

And on to the next...


  1. Is there a word to describe her face in that first one? I would love to know it.

  2. I think that is the look that says "Mom/Dad, really, I'm innocent. Look at me. How could it be otherwise?" And I should note that you better steel yourself against it, because you will see it MANY times in your future. And some days it's harder to contain your own smile in response.

  3. Oh, Jess! She pitched a royal fit later when I tried to lead her away from the drawer. And in a display of mature parenthood, I smiled and laughed; though I did try to be discreet about it!

  4. What a little sweetie! She will have that innocent look down in no time!

  5. And then we'll be in trouble!!