Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Picking My Battles

Miss Em is only ten and a half months old and I'm already picking my battles. I thought this was the territory of parents with two-year-olds.

Remember the drawer in the kitchen? The one next to the stove that she figured out how to open despite the "baby-proof" door latches Coder installed?

I gave it up. Keeping her out of it over and over and over again while I tried to cook dinner wasn't worth the effort, screams, or leg kicking (even though it was pretty funny to watch).

I surrendered and filled it with her stuff.

(I guess the measuring spoons and cookie cutters have been forfeited as well.)

Emeline! Now that's just plain silly.

For days, she's happily played

and explored while I do whatever needs to be done in the kitchen.

A baby happily employed! It's a beautiful thing!


I'm utterly defenseless

when it comes to

these legs!

1 comment:

  1. She is soooooooo cute!!! I bet she can keep ya busy!! Keep adding things to the drawer and it will keep her busy for a loooong time...lol. A kid drawer is a must in every kitchen.