Friday, August 27, 2010

Qdoba for Dinner

Tonight as I aimlessly shuffled around the kitchen wondering what to make for dinner, Coder walked in an announced that Qdoba sounded good.

Sounds good to me too!

Only one question remained: do we feed Miss Em before or at the restaurant? As a new parent, this always brings up some uncertainty and a little bit of anxiety. We don't eat out very much--especially not with the wee one in tow. Add that to my tendency to expect the worse case scenario and my mind whirls. How do I pack to ward off screaming, temper tantrums, flying food, puke, and/or fire? When the reality is our kid rarely acts like this nor will she spontaneously combust. So, instead of the fire extinguisher, I packed the regular stuff: food, spoon, bib, sippy cup, toys, and double checked the stock of diapers, wipes, and the extra outfit. Check. Check. Check.

Then I promptly left the diaper bag at home.


Turns out, the kid is fine eating rice and beans.

Take a chill pill Mom.


  1. Oh, Miss Em....I AM JEALOUS! I shuffled around the kitchen and kept on shuffling. It was a wimpy meal for sure. Glad she enjoyed those rice and beans! I do miss Qdoba!

  2. haha! Love the story and the pic. Can't wait to see you next weekend :)