Friday, August 20, 2010

Some Canning Fun

Remember the Chief Tilling Officer of HooCoo? He's noticed all the culinary activity of late (as you might have guessed, MP has been working her kitchen into a tizzy as well) and has dubbed it Can Slam 2010.

What a hoot.

But there's more!

He's calling us the Ball Jar All Stars. When these two get started, you can't stop the creative juices: The pitcher of this all-star lineup is MP, "The Sterilizer." (Now imagine your favorite ball game announcer's voice:) "Don't stand too close to this one, ladies and gents, she's bringin' the heat!"

"And up from the French leagues it's Monica "Moni-Can Can" Hoover. This Mademoiselle can can a magic spell!"

What team is complete without a bat girl?

The Lid Kid of the All Star Ball Jars
Emeline "Keepin' 'Em Ready" Hoover

Whoops! She spotted me (and the camera strap).

Here she comes...

This is the way all these mini-photo sessions end:

Who knew canning could be so fun?

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