Monday, August 30, 2010

Story Time: Bear Wants More

If you had just arrived for Story Time at the Piedmont Avenue Library, you couldn't miss the hubbub over in the children's section. A clamor of chairs scraping, strollers rolling, and happy greetings while little arms, legs, and bottoms wiggle and scooch until everyone is situated on the rug near the fireplace. I would ring the dragon bell to signal the start of our time together. A hush would fall over those gathered. A hush, punctuated by a few giggles, that is.

Welcome to Story Time!

Then we would sing "Hello Everybody! How Are You?" Which I am not going to sing for you here. I only sing for people when those people are primarily children.

But on to the book of the hour: Bear Wants More by Karma Wilson, Illustrated by Jane Chapman. Have you ever read this?

It's a lovely story in rhyme about Bear, his insatiable hunger, and beautiful friendships. Wilson's text lithely trips through Bear's first day out of hibernation
as he meets up with the friends he hasn't seen since autumn.

There's mouse with her acorn pail, heading out to pick berries:

And Hare at the clover patch:

But berries and clover aren't cutting it for this hungry bear. Luckily his friend Badger comes along with his new fishing pole:

What a sweet bunch of animals!
Even after the fish fry, Bear is still hungry.

Along with his bottomless hunger, he seems to have an endless supply of friends. They come to the rescue again; this time with style. They plan a spring-time party complete with a daisy garland and yummy treats.

But as Bear returns to his den, he finds he has, ahem, changed and gets into a bit of a "tight spot," shall we say? You must find a copy and see the comical development for yourself.

At this point in the story with only a hint from Wilson's text, Chapman's beautiful illustrations quietly speak to the depth of friendship between Badger and Bear.

Remember Badgers new fishing pole? Without pause he uses it to unstick his stuck friend
to a disasterous end!

But he doesn't seem too upset, does he?

I think he's just happy to have his friend back.

I told you it was a lovely story.

More wonderful bits await you in the text and illustrations. Go see them for yourself at your local library or children's bookstore!


  1. Such a sweet story! Does Eme have Bear Snores On? That is Joel's favorite in the Wilson/Chapman series.

  2. We don't have that one...yet. :)