Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Story Time: Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?

In this family, Story Time is regularly scheduled before each nap (Yes! She is still taking two naps a day! You realize, I type this with fear and trembling. It seems as though if I say anything about my Miss Em or her schedule with any certainty, the opposite will surely happen tomorrow. Or this afternoon.).

We have quite a few favorite titles. Many, about which, I have mentally composed Story Time blogs, but never seemed to find enough time to actually type it out. Imagine that.

Today was a gem of a Story Time and I decided to take the time to tell you about it while I ice my back (another story, another blog post).

And so, I present to you:


Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?
I first learned of this 'Book of Wonderful Noises' from my good friend's son Anderson. I wish I had a picture of him to share. He's a cutie-pie with a capital C.

Coder and I were up visiting him and his lovely parents about two years ago and he was just dying to show us his Dr. Seuss crib sheets. While he bounced around in his crib, his mom read this book aloud and before she even finished the first page
he yelled out, "MOO MOO!"

And on he went, with each page he knew the noise and yelled them out.



My personal favorite moment was this page
when we rapped on the wooden crib slats right on cue.

No more encouragement necessary. I mentally noted that this title was a must for our bookcase.

But at first, Emeline wasn't as taken with the book. I would begin to read and she'd lean over, ignore my efforts, and look for a new title. Who knows what made the difference, but eventually she sat through it and lately, she has begun to make one of the noises!

At first, I thought it simply a coincidence, but for the third time, today when we reached this page
she took out her pacifier and made a popping noise with her mouth!


It tickles me every time.

Head to your local library and check out this book! Then grab a child and follow Dr. Seuss' advice:

And now for a bit of irony. I knew I shouldn't have made the parenthetical comment above. This sweet little girl
 has cut her nap short by HALF!

I hear her father on the monitor:

"That's not much of a nap kiddo."

To which she responds, "Ha, ha! Ha, ha!"

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