Monday, September 13, 2010

Emelion! Here Me ROAR!!

Before my Mr. Hoover and I knew we were having a little girl, we decided to nickname our baby J. Edgar using the thickest, most stereotypical New York accent we could muster. A nickname, any nickname, felt warmer than saying "the baby" all the time. Besides, the name J. Edgar was versatile and useful. Once we found out we were expecting a girl, the "J" became "Jane" and kept our name Emeline under wraps until she arrived.

Once she was here, the nickname Jane Edgar fell by the wayside, replaced by Eme.

And then Anderson met Emeline.

He couldn't quite get out the "-line" of Emeline and instead it came out "Eme-lion." I loved it the moment I heard it.

We use it whenever our sweet little girl decides to be especially loud. Then the little smarty-pants caught on to the game and decided to have some fun of her own:

Judging by the look on Shawn's face, he's having fun too.