Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An Evening of Firsts

Last night as I washed and prepared the veggies for dinner, Emeline happily amused herself with her personal kitchen drawer. Happily, that is, until I heard a loud thump and the unnerving silence that typically proceeds the loudest of wails. I dried my hands and consoled her as normally do until I noticed a little blood on her lips.

Oh geez.

It's official. We had our first bloody lip last night. One of her eight (Yes. EIGHT.) razor-sharp teeth sliced through that cute little top lip which proceeded to bleed onto my shirt. (I guess I had a first too! Now I've been bled on--in addition to the drool, spit-up, puke, pee, and poo that have managed to find their way to my personage since becoming a mom.)

She recovered from her tears in a few minutes and was intrigued by the icy washcloth I pressed against her lips. And get this: when I sat her on the table to assess her injury, on a whim I said, "Ahhh!" to see if she would mimic me. This kid is ready for the dentist's chair.

By the time dinner was ready, everyone was in good spirits. But the excitement for the night was NOT over. I can't hold it in any longer:

Emeline WALKED last night!

She's been free-standing for about a month and fall/lunge/walking between Shawn and me for about a week. As last night wore on, she became more and more brave (and this after the bloody lip. Go figure). Then as she played with one of her toys after dinner, her little ladybug fell and rolled across the room. She turned around to see where it went and considered it. I knew in my gut she was going to try it. Sure enough she toddled after it! Four steps to her destination I laughed-shrieked with joy. She turned around to see what was wrong with me, began to lose her balance, regained it, and walked the last four steps to her toy! I cheered and congratulated her. She simply blinked at me with a confused look her face.

Miss Emeline Claire, it's a big deal to me!

One question remains: Do I have to say I have a TODDLER now?!

If so, then between you and me this never happened.


  1. CONGRATS!!!!! That's awesome! So cool to see that stuff happen!

  2. I thought I read once that they don't technically become toddlers until eighteen months? But my babycenter updates calls my newly twelve month old 'toddler'...which, he doesn't even toddle!

  3. I like the eighteen months idea. Babycenter is all washed up! :)

  4. That first bloody lip/mouth is always frightening!

    WAY TO GO on the walking!!! Like Andrew said, it is so cool to watch them learn new things. And at this age there are so many new things happening. Enjoy!