Thursday, October 28, 2010

What do you want for your birthday?

Emeline's very first birthday has come and gone. I've meant to post some thoughts and pictures. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. But one birthday happening keeps cracking me up and so I must share it with you today.

Do you know the joke? The one where someone asks, "What do you want for your birthday?" And Mr. or Mrs. Smarty-Pants excitedly claps and says, "A pony!" Everyone cracks up while the realist (read: me) can't help but wonder Seriously? So like, a real one or fake? Have you always wanted this? And then I'm lost in thought about this deprived person who has shouldered the burden of a thwarted childhood dream.

But that is not the subject of this post.

Birthdays, Monica. Birthdays.

Okay. So we threw a family shindig for Emeline up north, but our small group from church wanted in on the action, so we hosted a little party for her last week.

We had some fun with it. All the kiddos dressed up. One picture didn't do the photo shoot justice capture everyone smiling at the camera. So here's a little 'story board' for you. May I present to you Little Red Riding Hood, Princess, and Kitty-Cat whilst Dragon kept watch from above (the careful observer will notice all three dad's make an appearance too):
(It cracks me up that Miss Eme rests her hands on her fat "haunches" whenever she wears this costume!) Soon after, the unwrapping of gifts commenced. Very quickly. We didn't wait too long for that part.

And what did she receive? None other than

a pony! (She's too little to get the joke. She might even be too little to get what a pony is, exactly.) We attempted to show her that ponies are fun!

After about ten seconds of that, we moved on to her second and final gift of the evening and received, none other than

another PONY! I mean, c'mon! What a lucky girl!!

She's not only learned to push them around the house this week but also to push the little button on Mr. Pink's ear.

"Mr. Pink?" you ask.

Yes. Turns out the pink pony has a male voice. How confusing. It must be worse for the pony. And this is what Mr. Pink sings to us:

I'm a little pony!
Clippity-clop! Clippity-clop!
Such a pretty pony! 
Clippity-clop. Clippity-clop!
I love to have my coat brushed underneath the old oak tree.
Let's jump and run! 
We'll have lots of fun! 
Can you come and play with me?

How did this pony make it out of the focus groups? Apparently, I'm over thinking it. Every time Emeline hears her singing pony she just smiles and does her little dance. Oh to be a kid again.


  1. She does a DANCE?! I have to see this. :-)

  2. We'll have a little performance next time you're over. Be sure to have the song memorized so you can sing along!