Tuesday, February 8, 2011

November News Round-up

Three months can fly by, can't they? Especially when the holidays are thrown into the mix. There's been happy events, the universal and frustrating daily grind, and some sad events. But it all starts off happy enough. Let's begin with November.

Ever heard of Nano? That's verbal short hand for National Novel Writing Month. You can read all about it here. Long story short, I finally hunkered down and signed up to write a novel in one month (thanks to some very necessary prodding from Ashley!). It was one of those things I always knew I'd do but never wanted to think about. When I signed up, I still didn't even want to think about it. But when November 1st arrived I stopped the hand-wringing and the 'what if' internal conversations and just sat down and finished my 1667 daily word count. By November 30th, unbelievably, I had a first draft of over 50,000 words to call my own. A draft in desperate need of revisions; crying out for some slashing and burning, and the killing of the proverbial darlings, but a first draft nonetheless.

Ah, but all good things come with a price. In exchange for that first draft, on December 1st I had a Christmas to do list that was long enough to strangle me. Dust bunnies had infested our house, mated, and had contracted rabies. Under normal circumstances rabid dust bunnies aren't considered a threat. However, these lapines had grown teeth and threatened to bite exposed ankles when one sat down to rest. One day, while briskly walking through the dining room, I inadvertently blew one of these dusty creatures over the heat vent. When the furnace kicked on, the hot air lifted it up in the air. I watched it dance for a few seconds wondering if adding some inspirational music might improve the moment. Perhaps it could rival the beauty of Forrest Gump's feather? Perhaps not.

I'm happy to report that as of today the dust bunnies have been banished and the first draft still remains.

And I earned a shiny new sticker.

Read 'em and weep, you filthy rabbits.


  1. WHAT? that's awesome!
    just so you know, i have been pining for a blogpost from you.

  2. whats the latest on the novel, dear friend?
    since i know you have all kinds of spare time!
    love you and congrats!

    1. ha! Well, i have a special journal where I collect thoughts for the problems in the draft that I still need to solve/rework. I yearn for some time to work. I'm praying about it. We'll see how he leads.