Monday, February 28, 2011

Soul Green

The snow has melted and gray and brown is all around. Spring feels so far away.

But when you take a little bit of black gold,

and add a handful of hard red wheat seed,

maybe life could be a little less brown and gray.


Doubts and questions often plague my mind when I work with dirt and seeds. Surely this little brown thing isn't alive. What if the dirt has too much sand; too much clay? What if I added too much water? This won't work. I'm doing it all wrong.

And sometimes these doubts and questions are justifiable, completely possible, often true, expected.


But Light.

Light changes everything.

I found myself thinking of this little 'nap-time project' a little differently today. A simple craving for some green on my mantle turned into something more meaningful, soulful, needed, surprising.

A little sprout of hope.

Have you ever had those whispers in your heart; simple words you barely heard, but you know that you know it was meant for you? Have you ever heard words of life that cancel the lies; build instead of destroy?

Those whispers are meant to be followed. 

Maybe it feels too precious to share; too new to put words to, but you know what it means--what it could mean--how it could shape your life. But hang on to it. Write it down. Tell your truest, deepest, most loyal friend and confidant. Make a record to remember so you have proof when it feels as though the whisper never happened.

Because that dark night full of doubts will come, and we might need some help reaching to the light.

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