Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An ER visit, and then...

As children awoke and donned their Easter Sunday finery, we took a pajama-clad and whimpering Emeline to the ER. You seriously have a heart of stone if this picture doesn't melt your heart:

Here she cradles her right arm while a doctor and a nurse explained that most likely a tendon slipped out of place; commonly called nursemaid's elbow. Apparently, it's a typical toddler injury. Dr. Keene proceeded to slip it back into place, but ordered x-rays just to be on the safe side. The x-rays showed no fracture, but they decided to 'over treat' (codeword for emotionally satisfying at first, but most likely financially strapping the more you think about it) and put her in a splint and sling:

It's a nerve-wracking enough to take your small child to the ER--I don't think very many parents can make it through the ordeal cool as a cucumber. And as thankful as I am that we live in a country where there is a place to take children who are in pain at any time of day, there were a few events that left us scratching our heads at best, inducing more jitters at worst:
  • Like when the lady checking us in emphatically insisted that her left arm was injured, not her right.
  • Like when the nurse, after asking which arm was injured, proceeded to man-handle injured arm to get her temperature. Emeline's screams and my increasingly loud protests eventually directed her to the correct arm.
  • Like when another nurse squirted ibuprofen all over the bed, Emeline, and me while attempting to fill up the syringe with the proper dosage. (And the cynical part of my brain wondered how much the second capsule of ibuprofen would cost us...$20? $50? $100?)
  • Like when the final nurse dropped the scissors while sizing the splint.
All said and done, we made it home safe and sound and this smile worked its magic and began to calm a mother's heart.

    Our Easter dinner consisted of warmed-up leftovers and then we all crashed for a nap. We finally did work her and her ridiculously large splint her into her Easter dress (and snapped pictures with our camera phones because the camera battery, of course, was dead).


    and posing:

    As for our theories concerning the injured arm and what happened next, stay tuned...


    1. That little hospital gown and those big bright eyes....are you kidding me? I wish I was there to give her a big squeeze- on the left side, of course!

    2. Oh Emeline! That blurry left foot on the last picture makes me think you were doing a little dance . . . I'm sure that made your Mama feel much better! :) P.S. You sure look sweet in your Easter dress!

    3. I still can't shake the memory of her quivering chin and closed eyes as she fought back tears getting out of the car seat Saturday night.