Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Pink Cast

Imagine my surprise, upon thinking the splint was 'over treatment', when the pediatric orthopedic doctor ordered a cast!


As scheduled on Monday, the nurse removed Emeline's bulky splint while the nurse practitioner and the doctor crowded in for a closer look. Emeline went ballistic; crying, climbing me, squirming around my lap for a position furthest away from anyone with any sort of medical degree. It was obvious she refused to use her hand, but the environment wasn't offering a safe place to do so either; given strangers and a memories of a sore arm and hand the last time they were free to move.

"Can we have a few minutes?" I timidly asked. I needed some time to think and I wanted to give Emeline some space to relax--to see if she'd forget about all this nonsense and begin using her right hand again.

There was an awkward pause and the slightest hint of a raised eyebrow that spoke a message loud and clear: Oh, we have one of those parents on our hands...

"Dude. I'm just asking for five minutes. I'm not demanding to see proof of your medical license. Take a chill pill." Is what I would have said if I were a strong character in a movie. (I'm not sure why my movie character is stuck in the 80s.) Instead, I shakily offered thanks to their retreating backs while I second-guessed my brazen question and hugged my daughter. The hug was more for me than for her.

Sometimes parenting feels like it is all about second-guessing yourself.

Eventually she calmed down and even crawled off my lap. I called Coder to put our heads together. I offered her my wallet--a big NO-NO on every other occasion--but infinitely interesting to my little one. She picked it up with her left, looked at me and said, "Open?"

Hmmm. I guess this throws the nursemaid's elbow theory out the window. Unless she's still sore? But there were no complaints at home--we didn't even have to give her more ibuprofen. The x-rays showed no fracture...? What is going on?

And the doctor couldn't even say for sure. There is a possibility there is a tiny fracture that didn't show up on the x-rays. Apparently that is common for her age. But if that's true, then we're not really sure how it happened as we piece together the events of the other night.

We'll know more in two weeks when the cast comes off. We're praying for no more surprises.

But in the meantime, she sure acts like nothing's wrong!

When we ask, "Where's your cast?" She lifts up her right arm without missing a beat.

"What color is your cast?"



  1. She sure is a cutie Monica! It's tough trying to help them feel better and find out when, where and how when they can't tell you yet. I hope her little arm heals quickly and you don't have to deal with very many more doctors.

  2. She is too cute!!! I understand how terrible it is to have to hold down your baby during medical treatments. You're a good mommy...don't ever second guess that. :)

  3. Thanks for the encouragement Morgan! Means so much coming from a fellow mom!