Saturday, May 14, 2011

Problem Solving

One exciting development this week (at least for bibliophiles like ourselves): Emeline graduated from board books to picture books. She's been pulling 'big girl books' off the shelf and instead of an exercise in...uh...exercise, she'll actually sit down and look at the pages (instead of ripping them).

Today while I vacuumed, I caught her climbing up on her new chair.

It's a tough climb for a toddler just shy of three feet.

And so I laughed out loud when I saw her (standing on her) solution:

Yep, that's better.

Now in all fairness, I think she might have set the book down because it was too difficult to hold on to while trying to climb, but I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I saw her and remembered a funny scene from the Rescuers Down Under.

For those who haven't seen it, Cody, an Australian boy, and a clutch of animals are being kept under lock and key by the evil poacher McLeach. Frank, the jittery lizard is able to free himself, but is too scatter-brained and nervous to calmly retrieve the keys and free his friends without Joanna the Goanna overhearing. (The first thirty-five seconds are the important ones.)

Emeline did finally manage to sit on her chair and I took pity on her and handed her the book. I returned to my vacuum and in an effort to hear herself, she began to read it at the top of her lungs. Which was ironic. The title of the book was An Egg is Quiet.

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