Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Ultrasound and Other Unrelated Developments

We saw the heartbeat! Our little kumquat clocked in at 170 beats/minute today! Strong and normal. The measurements were on schedule, putting us at a January 26th 2012 due date.

And then our sewer backed up...

But I loved seeing those fast, zig-zaggy lines scribbling up the bottom half of the ultrasound screen!

And Emeline has ringworm...

But those little, staccato, thump-thumps were music to my ears!

Besides, R & S Sewer is slated to bring their auger tomorrow and we've got Lotrimin on hand. What's there to worry about?

We've got a heartbeat!


  1. HOORAY!!!! So happy for you guys! Congrats!

  2. So so so excited to hear this, Monica! (the heartbeat part, of course)
    Such awesome news! I hope Emeline recovers quickly and the sewer works out okay!