Monday, February 20, 2012

My Emeline

Last time you saw her here, she was sporting a pink cast! My how she has grown. As you can see, her right arm is fine now and is able to hold up one of her own designs: the 2012 Limited Edition Valentine's Day handbag.

A week later, she's managed to misplace at least five of the letters...

She's a talker with a wild imagination. She's either kept Coder and me laughing or pulling our hair out in frustration. Sometimes both at the same time. An example can be found in our latest battle: nap time.

We've unabashedly bribed her to take naps in the afternoon. One bribe that worked for awhile was the privilege to watch a DVD. Anne of Green Gables proved to be a great motivator. When she had watched that enough to recount story lines to us at the dinner table, I moved on to other things like playing outside in the snow with Daddy. Emeline LOVES snow and it has been elusive this winter. I thought the chance to stomp around in it before dark would certainly get her to lay down and nap. Nope. After her non-nap she walked into Shawn's office and asked if he would play outside with her. (Isn't it interesting that she can remember her reward, but manage to forget what she has to do in order to receive the reward.) He looked at me while I explained to her that she didn't nap, so no playing in the snow. Shawn chimed in:
"You're gonna have to toe the line kid. Mama's getting tough."
To which Eme replied, "I'm tough."
"Yes, you're very evenly matched."
On another day, I said she could go outside and blow bubbles while Daddy roasted his coffee beans in the garage--but she'd have to nap first. Again, no nap. When she heard Coder coming down the stairs after work. She ran over yelling,  "Go outside?! Eme go outside with Daddy?"
"I don't know, did you behave?"
"Yes..." Then Shawn narrowed his eyes and cocked his head. Finally the truth: "No."
Shawn pressed, "Did you stay in bed?"
"No," she answered. Then she walked away and without a care in the world remarked, "We'll try again 'mono." (Tomorrow)
Sigh. I've finally lowered my expectations and decided to view nap times as 'rest time' in which she is not allowed to leave her room. However, I haven't lost all ground. She did receive a new DVD from Grandma and Grandpa and I refuse to let her watch it until she does sleep one day. The DVD has been languishing near the TV for a week now... 
Today she decided to sweeten the deal: DVD and popcorn. Sure kid! But apparently emptying all of one's dresser drawers and the storage bin in the closet is so much more fun than a DVD with popcorn. (I did make her clean her room, by the way.)
But it's a pretty pathetic pictures, isn't? Toddler having free reign in her room gymnasium; doing everything but the ONE thing she knows her mother wants her to do while said mother triumphantly holds a measly DVD.

I might as well eat the popcorn.


  1. That part about being equally matched is hysterical!

  2. As much as I wish Mom and Dad were in charge, it is truly a tug of war with both sides refusing to budge :) She is still talking about that DVD and popcorn this morning. We will see what this afternoon holds.

  3. I'm overwhelmed by the parenting wisdom hidden within proclaiming "We'll try again, 'mono" without a care in the world.

  4. Being the oldest child in the family has a level of responsibilty, I know that you understand that very well. Sounds like Emeline is up for it!