Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sylvie's Weekly Update 2/16

I love this picture! Pawpaw snapped it with his new fancy lens. Thank goodness for Grandparents who have fancy cameras and use them. Sylvie already has so many LESS pictures than her older sister. I was bound and determined for that not to be the case, but alas, I have fallen into the ranks of nearly every other parent out there. As I told my mother in law: if I have a free moment, I'm taking care of the other child--not taking pictures.

Sylvie had more good  news during her weekly O2 test and weight check appointment. They couldn't get a good read on her oxygen levels, but they were in the 90s. Our pediatrician wasn't worried and neither am I (because she looks so pink and healthy right now). She is also up to 10 lbs 4 ounces. As my friend said, "What a porker!" That's right! Pull out the fat jokes! This is the only appropriate time in a girl's life to have them, don't you think? But after surgery, you better cut it out. :)

Another praise for our new pediatrician! She's had experience with TOF patients while she worked in cardiology at Boston's Children's hospital. She's a sharp lady with great bed side manner. Not only to I trust what she says, but this during this appointment, when I began tearing up, she reassured me. Today, I am so thankful for smarty-pants who are intrigued and challenged by the human body and yet remember that they are dealing with humans. Humans who love, think, feel, and hope (or have parents who do so). Thank you for sacrificing so much time and money to slug your way through medical school while keeping your emotional intelligence intact. 

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