Monday, February 27, 2012

Winnie the Pooh & Company

I don't really remember where it all started, but Emeline is fascinated by Winnie the Pooh, Rabbit, Piglet, Eeyore, Owl, and Tigger.

After her love of all things Pooh was well-established, I purchased a Winnie the Pooh used book from an antique store. It's long. And she doesn't understand that there are multiple stories contained in one book. A book is a book to her. A book is meant to be read cover to cover. It doesn't matter that it is nearly 8 o'clock and we need to get to bed, as quickly as possible because somebody is exhausted, because somebody refuses to nap anymore. As you can guess, telling her that we aren't going to read that book before bed usually causes a nasty, weak-kneed, limp-armed, tear-filled tantrum.

But enough with the no napping laments and the ensuing tantrums.

The point is this: these beloved characters capture her little imagination. This past week, they jumped off the page.

Or in the case of Tigger, he bounced.

Eeyore, of course, lumbered.

My mom was down for a few days for a visit some indispensable help. I remembered something I wanted to share with her, but as I was explaining the back story, I forgot the point I had wanted to make in the first place. Happens more often than I care to admit these days. I stood there. I stared. I sighed. Emeline looked up at me and I said to her, "Oh Emeline. I am a bear of little brain."

Without missing a beat she asked, "Mommy, you Winnie the Pooh? Think, think, think."

Mom and I laughed and then one of asked who she was: "Rabbit."

That little spark was all it took to set her imagination ablaze. Grandma was Tigger. Grandpa was "Mr. Owl." Sylvie was Piglet and, get this, Daddy was Eeyore.

During the rest of her stay Grandma was only referred to as Tigger. Even after Grandma left, we had the following conversation: "Tigger go bye-bye."
"Yep. She went bye-bye."
"Tigger go home and see Mr. Owl."

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  1. I laughed out loud at this post! Love me some classic Pooh and how adorable is your Emeline! Can I be Roo? :-)