Monday, March 26, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

It was inevitable. We knew Coder would have to leave and work in CA for a week. We're just never ready to see him go. We prepped Emeline a few days before. I kept reminding her that Daddy would be flying in an airplane--not the whole family. When she excitedly talked about flying to California the night before we planned to drop him off at the airport, I knew we were in trouble.

The morning went off without a hitch and we arrived at the airport on time. Daddy kissed and hugged everyone goodbye. We (wisely) kept Emeline buckled in her car seat and when Daddy turned to go, there was much 'weeping and gnashing of teeth' as they say. I felt the same way, but figured I better hold it together or the security man gliding by on his segway might haul me off. (How do they haul off people on a segway anyway? Piggy back? Is there a leash involved? Regardless, it must be awkward.) We made it back home in one piece, but as we pulled in the driveway Emeline cried, "Nooooooo! I want to fly to California!"


Through out the week, when Emeline would pull her toothbrush out of the cup near our bathroom sink she would ask, "Where is Daddy's toothbrush?"

double sigh.

I think Sylvie knew her Daddy was missing too. At night she woke up every hour at worst and every three at best. She had been teasing us with five to six hour stretches before he left.

stumble, bumble, cry.

However, the mothers were in town in shifts and so I was able to catch a block of two to three hours of unbroken sleep at some point during the day.

thank you, thank you, thank you.

Finally, Sunday arrived! We packed a picnic lunch, put on our summer dresses (Summer had elbowed her way in and caught Spring unawares for about a week), and loaded up the van. "Eme so excited!" She screamed. Me too!

Before we returned home we ate our dinner on the grounds of the Indiana Museum of Art. It really was a lovely way to reconnect.

She held her dress without any prompting from me! What a girlie-girl!

The third toothbrush is back in its rightful place and Sylvie is back to sleeping for five to six straight hours at night!

Welcome home Daddy!


  1. thanks for sharing these pictures of these sweet girls. love.

  2. What a great welcome home it was. Look at those girls! And their Mama, behind the camera, was a lovely sight for sore eyes as well. Also not shown, a nice sidewalk chalk welcome on the driveway. It hung around for a week before being washed away by the return of spring.

    Have I mentioned my life is blessed? We won't talk about anything I may have done to get myself some doghouse time that same day. We'll just focus on the blessings.

    While we're on the topic of lovely, I would like to mention that the IMA is fantastic! For my money ($0, it's all free), the grounds are even better than the art.

  3. awwww.....what lovely pictures and girls. Thank you for sharing. Glad I could help out.

  4. Wow! Awesome pics - lovely girls!

    #6, 8, and 9 ready for publishing. Love the colors.

    1. I took those pictures on my phone!! And then used different filters with the Instagram app. I can't believe how well they turn out!