Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sylvie's Weekly Update 3/7

Today we met with our cardiologist. Sylvie's oxygen saturation is at 98-99% and she's gained over a half pound since we last weighed her. She is progressing in the best manner possible! Our cardiologist is pleased enough that we are beginning to back off our relentless check-up schedule. We won't see him for another six weeks. Also, we can now see our pediatrician for O2 tests and weight checks every other week instead of every week. Praise God!

At our next cardiology appointment we will most likely set up a surgery date. Hearing this gave me a sense of relief and trepidation all at once. (There's got to be a German word for that. I know that language has words for the juxtaposition of seemingly unlike emotional states.) Sylvie is growing so well that she will most likely have the surgery between four and six months of age. Our cardiologist explained that after three months, babies are more resilient after surgery than their younger counterparts, yet there's not much of an added benefit from month three to six. Additionally, between four and six months, Sylvie will be well into the range of optimal surgery weight. He told us, "A mentor of mine once said, 'Why wait unless you are waiting for something good to happen?'" We couldn't agree more. Once she's hit the markers that will most likely set her up for a successful surgery, we are ready to go. We hope to avoid any 'tet fits'. Some tet fits are mild but some can be pretty serious. He's seen the latter in the ER and OR where resuscitating the baby was scary business. If a tet fit was bad enough to cause our laid back yet confident and knowledgeable cardiologist to worry, then I can't imagine how terrifying it must have been for the parents. Please continue to pray that Sylvie won't have a tet fit--God please spare her and us.

To end on a lighter note, here I am with my daughters. This picture totally captures their general nature these days. Emeline is cheesing for the camera while Sylvie peacefully sleeps. I guess it captures mine too--I look a little sleepy.