Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sylvie's Update 4/5

Another great report for Sylvie. She is steadily growing and weighed in at 13 lbs 2.5 ounces on Thursday. Unfortunately the O2 saturation test was inconclusive. She was in the high nineties and since she's as pink as usual, we're not worried. The Hoover household is very thankful.

On a funny note, there was a medical student making the rounds with our esteemed pediatrician. She asked if he could take a look at Sylvie. He listened to her heart and then our doc quizzed him on TOF. I have to say, I felt pretty smart! I correctly answered all her questions and even beat him to the answers. Of course, I would never dream of uttering the answers out loud. But it was pretty satisfying to be smarter than a med student for one day in one particular area of medicine. I humbly realize if her questions would have strayed from TOF, I would have been properly schooled. 

In eighteen days, we meet with our cardiologist and will most likely set a surgery date. I really haven't moved past the feelings of relief and trepidation concerning this appointment. Maybe that's okay? However, we are so thankful Sylvie hasn't had any 'tet' spells. Please join us as we continue to pray that we would be spared from these. 

Have a blessed Easter tomorrow. I pray we will all know the love and freedom of the risen Lord, and live in light of this.

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