Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Says Eme: The Sequel

Coming home one day, Emeline pointed to a blob of white on the deck. "What's that, Mommy?"
"Bird poop."
Without missing a beat she turned around, looked up into the trees and said, "Birds? You need diapers?!"

* * *

Coder flew to California two weeks ago for a few days of work. We drove him to the airport and after hugging goodbye, Emeline said, "You have a new plane, and it is a purple one." She said it with such confidence, Shawn thought he might have just witnessed a prophecy. (Interestingly enough, the plane was red, white, and blue...which makes purple.) Later that day, Emeline was staring into space and I asked her what she was thinking about, "I'm just thinking about Daddy's purple airplane."

* * *

One afternoon after rest time I found this:

I felt bad for them, but Emeline explained they are playing on the jungle gym.

* * *

Our friends have a Labradoodle that makes Emeline a bit nervous. One, because she isn't used to being around dogs, and two he is just as tall as she is. (I think I'd scream in terror too if a dog my height bounded up to me and looked me squarely in the eyes!) At one point during our visit he came over to see what she was doing, "Don't eat me!" she cried.

* * *

The other day and tried (and failed) to bake cookies. But Emeline sure did lift my spirits when she peered into the oven and said, "Oh la la! What a lovely aroma!"

* * *

Emeline loves to run and yell. Often she'll run up to Shawn or me and ask, "Can we run and chase together?!" We'll tear off around the house a few times until Emeline is laughing so hard she begins to hiccup.

* * *

Emeline attended her first baseball game last week. Once the popcorn had been devoured (at least the half that wasn't spilled onto the disgusting ballpark floor) she quickly lost interest in what the men on the field were doing. "Mommy, I don't like baseball, I want to go home."
"If we go home, we are going straight to bed. Do you want to go to bed?"
"I don't like mens with bats."

* * *

Emeline adores Sylvie (the feeling is mutual). She recently came up with a nickname for her little sister all by herself--no help from Mommy or Daddy. Multiple times a day Emeline will nuzzle up next to Sylvie and say, "Hey Sylvie, my Syrup!!"


  1. Oh my goodness! She is too adorable!!

    Monica, I saw this adorable floral line of textiles on the Ikea website called "Emmie"! (Not sure if that's exactly how you would spell it, but it made me think of Emeline, nonetheless!)

    1. Ah! It's so adorable! And fancy...Emeline is totally into fancy these days. Have you ever read the Fancy Nancy books? I think Fancy Nancy has a bed exactly like that--well, with a canopy and a few more ribbons and bows. :) So fun!

  2. LOL...reading this brightens my day...tell her I love her and miss her.

  3. So precious! Makes me wish I would have kept journals of what my girls said and did so I could go back and read them and remember! Keep it up!