Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 2 of Recovery

Early on in Day 2 Post-op Sylvie began to open her eyes. She wasn't focusing on anything yet, but it was so great to see her baby blues. Here are her giddy parents soaking up the few seconds she was awake.

Shawn spent the night and reported that everything went smoothly!

During rounds this morning the doctor mentioned the goal today was to back off her Dopamine. Dopamine increases blood pressure. She needed help with this after surgery. The good news is that her body is healing well enough and she is ready to begin regulating that for herself!

Also, during the night she did not need any extra fluids yet she increased her urine output. In the next 24 hours, the hope is that her body will begin excreting all her extra fluids with less help from drugs. This means she will be less puffy and looking more like her lovely self.

Finally, our hearts need a perfect blend of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous to work properly. For hours and days after surgery, the staff obsessively monitor these levels and add in what she needs because different drugs cause her to excrete them. The good news is, even with her body producing more urine, she is beginning to retain her calcium and potassium. She's a heart super star!

Today the dressing around her central line worked its way loose. This is an infection risk, so it needed to be changed. We all put on our masks while an extra nurse came in to assist Sylvie's day nurse. Any time anyone mentions the word infection, my heart rate begins to increase. As I stood behind the assisting nurse, trying not to hover, praying through my worries, I noticed her scrubs had butterflies printed all over them! (As well as the butterfly bag my Aunt sent down today and the butterfly silk scarf that someone in the Ronald McDonald House "randomly" gave Emeline.) This butterfly theme is almost becoming a joke! I nearly laughed in spite of myself as I was reminded that God is still in control. He's still watching over all of us and I simply need to keep inviting his peace and presence at all times.

Here is a video Shawn took this morning while she was awake. You'll notice she is looking around more and beginning to be able to focus on objects. She also managed to get her thumb in her mouth for a few seconds.


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    1. It sure makes me smile when I see it!

  2. You are in my heart!!! And I am SOOOOOOO encouraged by all of the butterflies!!! He is near! He is holding all of you! I am grateful!!