Thursday, June 28, 2012


We've arrived.

We're finally through surgery!

We just spoke to Turrentine, so much good news to share!

She is already off the breathing tube. Our little super star!

Her rhythm is great without any medication. Chance of a pace-maker even slimmer. Praise Jesus!

They were able to save the valve! It will still need to be closely monitored, but we will update you on that later.

We are waiting to be reunited with her in ICU.

I can't wait to see my little baby girl.

* * *

A little background, a little thanks:
Surgery didn't begin until 9:32. She was out by 12:30. At the top of each hour a nurse would come and update us on the progress. Waiting for those updates were nerve-wracking. So, I would save all of your encouraging words and read them just before she walked up. Thanks for holding us up today.


  1. Wonderful, Monica! Still praying for Sylvie's swift healing and a vibrant and energetic childhood without limitations!

    Dave Noel

    1. What a lovely prayer! I am thankful for it and all the previous ones! God bless you guys!