Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pre-Op: Part 2

We're slated for the first surgery of the day: 7am. We check in at 6am. This means she isn't able to eat after 1:30am. However, they did give us some sugar water that she can have from 1:30 to 4:30am. After 4:30, nothing. Let's pray her little tummy is satisfied up until 7am!

Her blood work and x-rays came back great! And her ears are clear. No infections, nothing to delay surgery.

The NP was great, so kind, patient, and clear with her explanations. And best of all, she spoke quietly so Sylvie could keep sleeping while we talked. There aren't any new surprises, just reminders of risks that accompany any surgery (doesn't matter if they're slim, I still feel like I could lose everything inside of me).

And that valve. The valve is still the big question mark. We're praying that Turrentine will be able to save the valve, but even if he can, it could still leak or cause problems in the future. It's difficult to wait and see--we've been doing it for so long--but God knows the condition of the valve and knows what is in store for us and our little Sylvie. So, the valve is really only a big question mark for us. We are being held by powerful, sovereign hands. So I'll keep casting my cares upon His broad shoulders.

My first thought when the anesthesiologist walked in was, You're too young. In his defense, I think he just looks young. He was also knowledgeable and patient with us and our questions. However, he won't be handling Sylvie tomorrow. Another anesthesiologist that works strictly with cardiac patients will be caring for her.

And then Turrentine walked in. I can see already why he is adored by so many. He is quiet spoken, but willing to talk about anything. He's calm, cool, collected, but warm-hearted. You can tell he enjoys kids and sees them as a whole person, not just a case load. By the time we spoke to him, most of our questions had been answered. He reviewed the valve situation with us. He also explained that based on how this defect is repaired, there is a 3-6% chance she would need a pacemaker in the future. He explained how he will handle the repair in such a way to attempt to avoid needing a pacemaker. Again. So many questions marks for us. But tomorrow we'll be let in on what God already knows.

I think my biggest praise today is that Sylvie had a good time, as you can see in the picture. She was calm and happy and it certainly made pre-op less stressful for Mommy and Daddy.

Thanks again for all of your encouraging emails, texts, Facebook posts and prayers. We are humbled by all of you how are loving us through this time! We are richly blessed! Many blessings upon you all.


  1. Praying for the blessing of sleep and for His comfort and peace for you all tonight. Love you!
    Lauren & Steve

  2. Precious picture!! Thank you so much for taking time to write & keep us posted.