Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 3 of Recovery

I'm watching her right now and she's sprawled out on her bed, sleeping soundly while the nurse changes one of her drips. She's must be extra tired because alarms are beeping and she completely oblivious.

I'm also impressed that she's sleeping so well because she's off her sedatives today. No sedatives is another step forward in recovery, but she's a little confused as to where she is and she doesn't like her left hand hidden under tape and gauze and wires. At first, the numbers I've been staring at for the last few days went a little wonky as she adjusted to being awake. In turn I felt a little wonky myself.

She's also been a little squirmy because she needs to fill her diaper! We've been helping her along and waiting for a good one all day. Still waiting. Because she feels so full, she's not really interested in eating. In fact, earlier today she threw up her last meal all over herself. Poor thing!

Because of that, she needed new dressings on her central line and around her chest tube. We put our masks back on while two nurses wrestled with her. She wasn't too happy with them while they worked on her neck.

As a follow-up from yesterday, her dopamine is back up to three. She was down to one, but they've moved her back up so her heart will have an easier time recovering.

Kind of a boring day, recovery-wise. Let's hope she makes some strides tonight. I'm ready for the mental boost of moving out of ICU and up to the heart center.


  1. Praying that she will poop and pee! I love you guys so much!

    1. Oh Beth, Thank you! She is peeing, but still no poo. Boo! (How is Day 3 of 28?) :)

  2. Praying!!!! Love you guys!!!