Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sylvie's Update 8/15/12

Last week we drove Sylvie back to Riley for her follow-up appointment with her surgeon. We were all lighthearted. Sylvie energetically looked around and smiled at everyone while we enjoyed her lapse in stranger anxiety. Life felt easy.

We walked back into the examination area and saw a framed butterfly print on the wall and one on the screen of a computer behind the desk. This actually surprised me. I didn't expect to see butterflies that day. What a great reminder that he still loves us--even when we think we don't need to be reminded of it. Additionally, we still need his support--even when life is rolling along and everything feels light and easy.

We quickly cycled through a weight check, vitals, and a chest x-ray; and then waited for Dr. Turrentine. He thought the incision site was healing nicely. When he leaned in to listen to her heart, Sylvie was spellbound. Shawn and I silently giggled because we had never seen her focus so intently on someone before. After listening a second time, he decided to take her off her aspirin. This is a relief. Grinding up tablets, mixing it with formula, and getting her to swallow it is not only a pain, but also a process that usually involved gagging or puke. 

Bottom line: she is progressing well!

Then we headed north to spend time with out-of-town family at Silver Beach in Michigan. With soft sand, a playground, beach volleyball courts, and a carousel it's ranked one of the top ten family-friendly beaches in the US. We highly recommend it! How lovely to celebrate with a brilliant blue sky, popcorn clouds, and a break from the heat. Here Sylvie is laughing at Emeline who is swinging just out of view.

The reasons to be thankful continue to pile up.

I hope I never rise from my posture of thanks.


  1. Awesome! Shawn looks like some badboy fighter pilot. Where is Goose and Cougar?

  2. It wasn't quite chilly enough to bring out the bomber jacket. Maybe in a month.

  3. Hi there. My name is Stacia. I had the pleasure of meeting Lyndsey at my cousin's baby shower and I am so grateful God put us at the same place that night. My son Liam who is currently 6 weeks old has the same heart defect as your precious Sylvie. Your blog on your journey and her progress has provided the much comfort and strength I've been praying for. Meeting Lyndsey and being able to read your baby girl's progress has just been another way God has shown that He is here and holding Liam through all he is about to go through. I pray for Sylvie's continued healing and look forward to reading about her continued progress.

    1. Oh, Stacia! If only I could give you a hug of reassurance! You are living the tough part right now: waiting for surgery. But as you wait, God will grace you and love you and show you his strength, kindness, and gentleness. You'll be amazed by God's grandness and then you'll be amazed by Liam's recovery. God made them so resilient! I'd love to hear more of your story and how you are doing! Does Lyndsey have my phone number? You are welcome to call. As an update, Sylvie is fantastic! You'd never know she had surgery 3 1/2 months ago. She army crawling, laughing, plays peek-a-boo, and jabbers all day. We will pray for you, Liam and your family during this time! Thank you for contacting us!